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Poster: intexity Date: Jan 22, 2007 8:13pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Over 3 days to download just 1 show!!!

i am glad to have found this post as i was researching the exact issue at hand. i like to make the shows i download readily available for all and keeping them in original condition definitely being one of my major concerns with this project of mine. yes i was a heathen out of ignorance for about 15 disks worth but realized that i probably needed to know more about burning to cd-r and passing them on considering the amount of work it took just to listen to the file types. so as i set up EAC and was researching how to make it burn straight to cd-r from shorten i came across this post. my only question is can you help me make sure i set up eac right or else tell me if there is any way you can help me understand more about how to work with these file types (shn,flac,etc..) i want to do my part as i was too late to see the shows but want to do my part to keep the history alive.

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Poster: glenn Date: Jan 23, 2007 2:01pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Over 3 days to download just 1 show!!!

Best way to make audio cds from shn or flac files,
I think,
is to decompress (.shn or .flac) to .wav format,

using appropriate tools

(see this thread:
for easy to understand info on tools...)

(the .wav files will be bit-perfect identical to the original source .wav used to make the .shn/or/.flac)

and use the .wav files as your source file to burn your audio discs, using any burning program that burns audio, like Nero, or Easy CD creator or whatever you are already comfortable with.

EAC is only necessary if you are trying to make copies using an audio cd as your source, which you only should do if there is not a lower-generation copy (like your 'perfect original .wav files you got when you decompressed your .shn or .flac files)

because (encoding onto an audio cd and then) copying from that cd introduces 'generational loss' of data...

... but you get no generational loss if you use .wav files which are bit-perfict replicas of the originals (which is what you get with LOSSLESS compression formats like .shn or .flac)(as opposed to LOSSY formats like .mp3 or .mp-anything-else or .ogg or the like)

Hope this helps. I get an email if you post in this thread, so if you have more questions... AND I can answer them, I will.

Have fun.

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Poster: intexity Date: Jan 23, 2007 2:23pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Over 3 days to download just 1 show!!!

ok so if i got this right the way i have been doing it which is using mkw to convert to wav and using nero to burn is ok but if someone tries to go backwards and use one of my cd's to create a compression file whatever format they want will it remain as good as the original shn that i dled?
thanks for your response it sounds like i was overthinking everything i was reading.